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Amsterdam based film director and screenwriter.

I am an incredibly happy person because I do what I love with all my heart. Creativity for me is a source of endless energy. I am in love with the process of creating a film (either ten seconds film or two hours film), when literally out of nowhere, by the efforts of several dozen people, a complex audio-visual work appears, leaving a mark in the hearts of viewers. In every project I dive in headfirst, giving myself 100, starting with writing a treatment and ending with finishing touches on post-production.


I have been in the advertising since 2015. My passion is comedy with subtle humor and narrative stories that include powerful acting. Last years I’m focusing more and more on work with computer graphics and animated characters. Making the interaction of the drawn characters with real people and objects as realistic as possible is a completely new level in working with actors and narrative for me. Another passion of mine is cars. I love speed and dynamics both in life and on the screen. And I strongly believe that the best car commercials not only sell the car but more importantly sell the feeling of owning that car. For me the story around the car is just as important as the awe inspiring visual aesthetics that car commercials are famous for.


I like to work in short formats. They open up a huge number of opportunities: time that can be devoted to working out the smallest nuances, freedom of creative choice, as well as the opportunity to work with many talented professionals, each time creating a new unique team.


Let's create inspiring stories together! Send me your script, and we will breathe the light of bright life into it!

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